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Julia Hughes Jones — The Secret History of Weeds – The website features the book about “weeds” (women) and is devoted to women’s history and women in leadership.
Fresh Perspectives Decor — A home decorator and jewelry artist. The website showcases some of this decorator’s floral arrangements, home decor, and has an online store and shopping cart to purchase her jewelry.
St. Augustine Beach Vacation Rental –Want to rent a beautiful house on the beach? This site showcases a destination vacation for families, weddings, and fun. The design was simply to let the house and surroundings show themselves, with a background of surf and sand and a gallery that shows the house.
Crescent Beach Vacation Condos — This vacation condo group wanted a way to show lots of photos of the property, along with easy navigation and an attractive background to match their other business communication materials.
CREATIVE SIGN SOLUTIONS — This website has several galleries full of business signs. The galleries have sliding menus. When you want a closer look at a sign, you simply click on it to stop the slideshow.
BENCHMARK INSURANCE — Benchmark Insurance wanted an easily-navigated website that provides customers a quick view of the kinds of insurance they offer, as well as on-line secure quote forms
CART SMARTS — This golf cart retailer needed a site that would show his latest golf carts, as well as golf cart parts and accessories.
Dr. Silver’s website is a portal — a place that would link several of her websites and blogs, and get people to interact on a forum, purchase products, and read their daily horoscopes.
ST JOHNS POWER SPORTS — A clean, but rugged theme was created for St. John’s Power Sports. The design communicates a sport that is fast, energetic, and fun.
This attorney’s website is polished, friendly, and clearly identifies the areas of law in which he specializes.
Actor Ben Murphy’s fan club needed a site redesign to bring it up to date. We designed the site with a few tooled leather details that hint at his career highlights doing Westerns.
VESTA BOOKS — This book distributor’s website is simple, yet attractive, profiling each of her books and on-going events.
ST. AUGUSTINE PEN WOMEN — This non-profit arts organization’s website profiles its members and activities.
LIZ HUBLEY ARTIST — An animation artist portfolio website, this site showcases a few sample designs of environmental art, character art, graphic design, and concept art.
BLUEFISH BAY EDITING AND PUBLISHING — We have managed and updated this website since 2000, continually modernizing its look. We’ve recently reworked it with better navigation links, rounded boxes, and added SEO-oriented content.
CITY COFFEE — This is a warm, inviting site that includes an online menu and info about coffee beans.
Marie Vernon’s Graceland Express — Author Marie Vernon’s newest book is profiled on her website, along with a calendar of upcoming book signings and events, a blog, and excerpts from her books.
Soapy Wheels — This does  web design in Cincinnati and is small and simple, yet it gives this business a good presence on the web and a place for customers to check out rates and services.
Olde Town Jerky — We created an e-commerce site with a shopping cart for a small jerky retailer, showing their products and product options.
Marilynn Battell Books — The website showcases an author’s books, including her reviews, events, and press releases.
My School Flower Shop — Our designers created an optimized “landing page” for this flower shop network.
Lawn Ranger of St. Augustine — This was an updated, streamlined look for this St. Augustine-based lawn care and pest control business.
Wedoo Glass — This small glass and mirror company’s website screams exactly what they do by featuring a strong background photo of a glass building.
St. Augustine Backwater Tours — This site is highly textured. The map in the background is old and tattered, just right for this site — it evokes a feeling of trust and experience.
St. Johns Door & Window — This website is based on the company’s strong red-white-and-blue color scheme.
St. Augustine Art Association — The association wanted a simple design with easy navigation for their diverse membership. The design is minimalist, with photos and information showcased.
Country Life Apparel — We created a “country” feel to this site with an “old paper” background, and added a shopping cart for online sales.
Advanced Restaurant Sales — This organization buys and sells multi-unit restaurants. This black-and-gold site is understated and sleek, and includes a few icons to improve navigation.
Mr. Bathtub — This bathtub specialist installs and repairs bathtubs, tile, sinks, and countertops. We kept the business’s color scheme and showcase some before/after photos.
Martha Bush, Harpist — It was important for this professional harpist to have her music soundbytes featured. Samples are offered on every page of this site. Click on them to listen. The site design features rich golds and greens, with subtle swirls of paisley in the background that mimic the sound of the harp.
Botco Aviation Services — A dramatic photograph highlights this site’s new look and feel. We redesigned Botco’s old site with a fresh new look that’s crisp and sharp.
Heartwood Cabinetry — Earthy background colors ensured Heartwood Cabinetry’s website would portray a sense of warmth and richness. We included a gallery of Heartwood’s recent kitchens and baths.
National Medical and Dental — A small front-end for this medical and dental supply company opens up to a supply shop.
Savvy Event Productions — This social event planner wanted a dressed-up image, with a slightly retro look. We created a site with strong graphic elements, with a few hits of red letters and borders, and a subtle lacy background around the edges that fades to black at the bottom of the pages.
Ykkaeb Cosmetics — A white background and easy navigation will make products stand out, allowing the products to take the starring role on the website, rather than the design. Simplicity coupled with dramatic photos makes Ykkaeb Cosmetics’ new site a winner.
Triplett Title — Triplett Title needed its website to mimic its other marketing materials, which involved subtle vintage swirling backgrounds and a rich brown color scheme. In addition, the text needed to explain what title insurance actually is.
Websites with Texture — his website shows off the Best of the Web’s textured websites. You get to see some of the great textured websites on the net, and offers some guidelines and tutorials about how find great textures and how to use them.
Meehan’s on Matanzas — >Eat, Drink, and Be Irish. This Irish Pub in Old St. Augustine features great food, lots of drink, and loads of fun. Photos show how great it is to frequent this establishment.
Anthem Commercial Air Services — This air charter and air services company provides customized air services with their Cessna 337 fleet. This website opens with a dramatic photo of their aircraft, and their contact info is displayed prominently on top of the photo.
Doodlefly — Doodlefly.com is a retail site for fun gifts – t-shirts, journals, calendars, mugs, mousepads, buttons, and aprons. This store includes a shopping cart with payment systems, and shipping, returns, and customer service.
Mai Engineering — Mai Engineering’s new website showcases their jobs and experience with dramatic photographs of some of their recent projects.
Marilyn J. Antram Artist site — An artist site is meant to showcase the artist’s works. We’ve made the website elements subtle, so that the art is the main attraction.


BNI International – Business Networking and Referrals

Local Business – Global Network
BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.
Use our Find a Chapter feature and contact a local BNI Director to see for yourself why BNI has brought businesses together all across the globe for over25 Years!
Read “What the Press is Saying” about BNI all around the world!
BNI’s FREE online business networking newsletter is available to the public! Subscribe here.
Explore Our Site: Our website provides information on BNI world-wide, as well as valuable information about how to join, feature articles from SuccessNet – the free BNI Newsletter, a database of BNI regions & Directors… and much, much more!
BNI’s Founder & Chairman
Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chairman of BNI, as well as a New York Times best-selling author.
Called the “Father of Modern Networking,” Dr. Misner is one of the world’s leading experts in business networking and referral marketing.
He contributes monthly articles to Entrepreneur.com as the online magazine’s networking expert, he is a featured blogger on BusinessNetworking.com, and he hosts the weekly BNI Podcast!
ClickHERE to read Dr. Misner’s Biography and to find out more about the numerous books and articles he has written.
Click here for Dr. Misner’s speaking schedule
The BNI Store!
NEW Item: Dr. Ivan Misner’s newest book “Business Networking And Sex (Not What You Think)” is now available! Click here to place your order.
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Friday, January 13, 2012
“The Once Timid Networker” Talks with BNI’s Founder
In this online radiobroadcast of “The Once Timid Networker,”host of the show (and BNI Director in Minnesota, U.S.) Tara Schmakel talks with BNI’s Founder, Ivan Misner, about the keys to effective networking and business growth. Click on the “Read More” tab to access the recording now . . .
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Thursday, January 12, 2012
Friday, January 06, 2012
New Book “Business Networking and Sex” Has Officially Launched!
Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think), the latest book by BNI’s Founder and two of BNI’s best networkers, Hazel Walker and Frank De Raffele, officially launched this week and is already on the Amazon.com bestsellers list! Click on the “Read More” button to find out more about the book and where you can get a copy . . .
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Search Engine Optimization
WebHub Design understands how important online visibility is for a business’ success. But if your customers are having trouble finding you online, your website isn’t doing you any good.
You can change poor search results. Simply performing Search Engine Optimization can help your site get better results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Search engine optimization includes programming tactics such as including keywords in the proper places, optimized code, quality link building, and great content.
SEO Services
Search Engine Optimization is different for every website, depending on what is needed. The most common things we’ll do in an SEO job are the following:
St. Augustine SEOJacksonville SEO
What NOT to DO
What used to work well for SEO doesn’t anymore. Here are a few old-fashioned SEO tactics that don’t work anymore:
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Web Site Design
WebHub Design develops custom websites. We can quickly develop your website with a focus on your business needs, coupled with making your website a great user experience. We’ll build an effective online presence that communicates your business and delivers your marketing message to your customers.
Click here to check out our workflow steps — what to expect as we design your new website.
Kinds of Websites
What We Include in Our Websites
POD Stores – CafePress, Zazzle, and more!
Get in on the POD trend – Sell t-shirts, hats, and lots of other products. PODs are a revolution in manufacturing – you no longer need to have an inventory of products — instead, use a POD service that manufactures your products at the time of the order. We have been in the Print on Demand (POD) business for 10 years. We can help you start your own successful store.
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Webhub Design’s Website Business Tips

A couple of months ago, a new client, a local artist, wanted
her site to show only her paintings, and no words. She wanted her paintings to
speak for themselves.
While we believe in sparse website design, you also need a
few words. Without them, first-time visitors are likely to be confused and
decide they’re not in the right place.
The artist was reluctant, but we convinced her that she
needed some navigation, a value proposition tagline, and keyword-infused
background info to make it immediately clear what the website was about, and
interesting enough to stay around a while.
simple to make your website win them over
visitors take about two seconds to orient themselves. In a quick flash, they
ask three things:
Answer these immediately, and you’ll convince your customers
to stay a while. Here’s how:
it clear what you sell immediately — if your name and logo don’t say
it, make sure you can tell by the main images and tagline.
it interesting — a “me-too’ website that
says nothing is a sure bet that the customers will leave quickly.
them a clear Value Proposition
— a value proposition is a short statement, placed prominently on the page
that explains your value– the benefit to the visitor to stay on your website.
Check out Wal-Mart’s website. Its value
proposition–positioned immediately under their logo –is subtle, but it’s
there: Save Money, Live Better.
Here’s another one: MailChimp screams what they do, what
they sell, and it’s super interesting. Its value proposition is Easy
e-mail newsletters. Simple, bold, and it screams that their newsletters
are easy.
Contact us
today if you need help making your website engage your visitors! Check us out at webhubdesign.com, or call us at 904-461-8744 today.
Dan Hubley

WebHub Design Web Hosting | Cloud Based Hosting & Unlimited Bandwidth

See the difference for yourself!
Fast, affordable and easy-to-use, our Web Hosting is advanced without being complicated, making it the perfect choice for everyone.
WebHub Design Web Hosting
Media Temple, Rackspace, GoGrid
HostGator, Bluehost, DreamHost, 1&1, HostMonster, Just Host
GeoCities & other retired hosting companies
Hosted across multiple servers with proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management. Easy-to-manage and affordable. It’s the next generation of Web Hosting.
Expensive, complex Web Hosting that requires extensive technical knowledge.
Interactive sites (blogs, eCommerce, small business) with performance limited to a single server.
Simple static sites with limited functionality.
Is my site hosted on a clusterof multiple servers with real-time load-balancing?
When faced with large increases in traffic, will my site continue to load quickly at no additional cost?
YES, capacity scalesat NO additional cost.
No(Due to constraints of single server with thousands of sites.)
If my server crashes,will my site stay up with zero interruption?
Yes, our proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management keeps your site up and running.
Can I use this even thoughI’m not a rocket scientist?
Yes, it isdesigned for everyone.
Maybe, if you are a tech guru.
Yes, but who wants to be stuck in the past?
Do I pay more if I use more bandwidth?
No, we won’t punish you for your success.
Am I protected against URL spoofing?
Yes, Premium DNSprotects your domain.(with Ultimate plan)
Do I get a free SSL certificate with fixed IP?
YES(with Ultimate plan)

Will my server be protected againstDoS (Denial-of-Service) and other malicious attacks?
What level of intrusion prevention isoffered?
Two levels.Provides network AND server-level intrusion prevention.
Information correct as of July 25, 2012

St Augustine Web Design | Web Design St Augustine

Why work with WebHub Design?
We promote your web site to search engines. Do you want Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find you? We develop your website from the ground up with search engine optimization (SEO), so that your website will be found by people who are searching for you.
We’ll help you write your website content. We are expert wordsmiths, with many years working as corporate market researchers and writers. We’ll translate what you want to say into website content that is compelling and informative.
We guarantee our work. We’ll deliver just what we promise for your website or graphic design. WebHub Design will concentrate on your project to its completion and beyond, and we’re confident that our work will exceed your expectations. We guarantee we won’t stop working until you’re happy.
We have the rare combination of programming, graphics, and marketing skills. Not every website designer has a good balance of skills. Our graphic design is top-knotch, and so are our marketing and technical skills. The result? Winning websites, powerful graphics, and a persuasive message.
St Augustine Web DesignCall us!
Just give WebHub Design a quick call and we can talk about your website or graphics project. Or even just call us with a question. We’re happy to spend a few minutes with you.
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Web site design companies and Development Services For Your Website
Right now the world can be internet powered earth. Almost all make use of the online world whenever they need to be familiar with this service or product, and make sure that your potential clients in addition to long term company partners might depend online channel to gather details on your small company. Men and women have the tendency to offer magnitude towards website in addition to, determined by his or her watch of your particular website, they could help make value choice taking worrying your small company. Your website is extremely noticeable, could be the general public face of your particular company. If you want to improve your present grab your customers in addition to need to behave as an honest group in the market is critical which you possess in addition to operate a website consisting of the highest quality. It doesn’t matter whether you then have an enterprise model on the web or off-line a single; you need to have a website in addition to far much better general efficiency of your respective website, better your current odds in order to change your existing leads to the particular sale.
If you want to develop an internet website for the business or restoration of the present a single, to present the product a sophisticated seems you’ll find many Web Design and Development Services in addition to Improvement Company in the field of delegating, which can help make effective website for the company with a significantly low-cost for the business. On the other hand, really prior to you decide to obtain in it is rather essential that you attempt and acknowledge these concepts that enter into the property development from the website. With not a strong understanding of accomplishing this including web design in addition to property development you’ll thoughtlessly rely on these powers from the business and that is not really wanted. Together with a number of practical understandings of what sort of Web Development Company to figure, you would be in an extremely far better place in order that you get a reliable alternative, meanings a great internet website later on.
Another thing can be you need to program this short article of your particular website. It is not enough to look very good however you need something involving significance in that room that the clients may be thinking about; in case you will certainly discover its unlikely that any, they will certainly commonly veer far from your blog in addition to go someplace else. In addition, you will need to take a look at where youll receive this short article for you personally website; can it now can be discovered or may you’ve kept to produce this short article that you require?
And next can be you have to set how you can market your website so that it is typically more visible in order to men and women. doing advertising and marketing for the website can be how you can make money far from the product due to the fact it doesn’t matter how terrific in addition to helpful your website the item; in case men and women have no concept of that it exists, it might too not really can be found by any means for all your excellent that it need to be doing.

Where ever an excellent business is situated, this specialized & guy knowing resource knowledge of a service vendor helps with establishing an alternative to get a company working all over throughout the world. Getting the capacity, talent & skill, services vendors present extremely cut-throat services for taking the web based presence of the maker to another level. They body in addition to stick to steady in addition to organized enterprise design for developing in addition to establishing a website.
The web structured advertising and marketing solutions including turning over firms allows an excellent business to recognize its market simply just once they are anticipated most likely the most. Every single organization differs from the others and is also his/her demands. For this reason this third-party vendors in fact present tailored methods of match the special desires of the small company owner. This competent web-developer have many years including experience of caring for all sort of internet residences in addition to have the tendency to be skillful around the most present technology. This is exactly what has the tendency to make these individuals commonly used.

WebHub Design – About Us

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About WebHub Design
WebHub Design is based in St. Augustine, Florida, and works with clients locally from Jacksonville to Daytona, as well as throughout the U.S. WebHub Design specializes in Website Design, Graphic Design, search engine strategies, and content writing. The company’s technical background is coupled with graphic design, marketing,
writing, and communications.
Dan Hubley, WebHub Design’s leader, has been involved in software and publications for over 20 years. His background includes public relations for major software firms, computer industry writing and analysis, sales, marketing, and book publishing. Dan is usually the one you’ll talk to when you discuss your web project.
Mary Hubley has a corporate technology background as well as a commercial and graphic art background. For 10 years, she was Research Director for Gartner Inc., the largest computer industry consulting company in the world, where she focused on advising Fortune 500 companies about upcoming operating sytem and browser technology. Before that, she worked on software development products for McGraw-Hill, RCA Corp., and Siemens Corp.
The rest of WebHub Design’s team is an enthusiastic group of developers, writers, editors, graphic artists, and photographers who would love to work with you!
Contact us for a free quote!
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Where are we located?
WebHub Design
1093 A1A Beach Blvd. #148
St. Augustine, FLorida 32080
Call us: 904-461-8744
What Customers Are Saying
Crescent Beach Vacation Condos
“Thank you for setting up our website. The response has been wonderful and we have had our best year for rentals ever.” –Tom Orr
Marie Vernon’s Graceland Express
“WebHub Design achieved exactly what I was hoping for. They were very quick to get the website up and running and equally quick to respond when any adjustments were required. My website has attracted the audience that I, as an author, was hoping for and I am very pleased with it.” –Marie Vernon