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WebHub Design develops custom websites. We can quickly develop your website with a focus on your business needs, coupled with making your website a great user experience. We’ll build an effective online presence that communicates your business and delivers your marketing message to your customers.
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Kinds of Websites
What We Include in Our Websites
POD Stores – CafePress, Zazzle, and more!
Get in on the POD trend – Sell t-shirts, hats, and lots of other products. PODs are a revolution in manufacturing – you no longer need to have an inventory of products — instead, use a POD service that manufactures your products at the time of the order. We have been in the Print on Demand (POD) business for 10 years. We can help you start your own successful store.
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Webhub Design’s Website Business Tips

A couple of months ago, a new client, a local artist, wanted
her site to show only her paintings, and no words. She wanted her paintings to
speak for themselves.
While we believe in sparse website design, you also need a
few words. Without them, first-time visitors are likely to be confused and
decide they’re not in the right place.
The artist was reluctant, but we convinced her that she
needed some navigation, a value proposition tagline, and keyword-infused
background info to make it immediately clear what the website was about, and
interesting enough to stay around a while.
simple to make your website win them over
visitors take about two seconds to orient themselves. In a quick flash, they
ask three things:
Answer these immediately, and you’ll convince your customers
to stay a while. Here’s how:
it clear what you sell immediately — if your name and logo don’t say
it, make sure you can tell by the main images and tagline.
it interesting — a “me-too’ website that
says nothing is a sure bet that the customers will leave quickly.
them a clear Value Proposition
— a value proposition is a short statement, placed prominently on the page
that explains your value– the benefit to the visitor to stay on your website.
Check out Wal-Mart’s website. Its value
proposition–positioned immediately under their logo –is subtle, but it’s
there: Save Money, Live Better.
Here’s another one: MailChimp screams what they do, what
they sell, and it’s super interesting. Its value proposition is Easy
e-mail newsletters. Simple, bold, and it screams that their newsletters
are easy.
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Dan Hubley

WebHub Design Web Hosting | Cloud Based Hosting & Unlimited Bandwidth

See the difference for yourself!
Fast, affordable and easy-to-use, our Web Hosting is advanced without being complicated, making it the perfect choice for everyone.
WebHub Design Web Hosting
Media Temple, Rackspace, GoGrid
HostGator, Bluehost, DreamHost, 1&1, HostMonster, Just Host
GeoCities & other retired hosting companies
Hosted across multiple servers with proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management. Easy-to-manage and affordable. It’s the next generation of Web Hosting.
Expensive, complex Web Hosting that requires extensive technical knowledge.
Interactive sites (blogs, eCommerce, small business) with performance limited to a single server.
Simple static sites with limited functionality.
Is my site hosted on a clusterof multiple servers with real-time load-balancing?
When faced with large increases in traffic, will my site continue to load quickly at no additional cost?
YES, capacity scalesat NO additional cost.
No(Due to constraints of single server with thousands of sites.)
If my server crashes,will my site stay up with zero interruption?
Yes, our proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management keeps your site up and running.
Can I use this even thoughI’m not a rocket scientist?
Yes, it isdesigned for everyone.
Maybe, if you are a tech guru.
Yes, but who wants to be stuck in the past?
Do I pay more if I use more bandwidth?
No, we won’t punish you for your success.
Am I protected against URL spoofing?
Yes, Premium DNSprotects your domain.(with Ultimate plan)
Do I get a free SSL certificate with fixed IP?
YES(with Ultimate plan)

Will my server be protected againstDoS (Denial-of-Service) and other malicious attacks?
What level of intrusion prevention isoffered?
Two levels.Provides network AND server-level intrusion prevention.
Information correct as of July 25, 2012