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Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chairman of BNI, as well as a New York Times best-selling author.
Called the “Father of Modern Networking,” Dr. Misner is one of the world’s leading experts in business networking and referral marketing.
He contributes monthly articles to as the online magazine’s networking expert, he is a featured blogger on, and he hosts the weekly BNI Podcast!
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Friday, January 13, 2012
“The Once Timid Networker” Talks with BNI’s Founder
In this online radiobroadcast of “The Once Timid Networker,”host of the show (and BNI Director in Minnesota, U.S.) Tara Schmakel talks with BNI’s Founder, Ivan Misner, about the keys to effective networking and business growth. Click on the “Read More” tab to access the recording now . . .
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Thursday, January 12, 2012
Friday, January 06, 2012
New Book “Business Networking and Sex” Has Officially Launched!
Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think), the latest book by BNI’s Founder and two of BNI’s best networkers, Hazel Walker and Frank De Raffele, officially launched this week and is already on the bestsellers list! Click on the “Read More” button to find out more about the book and where you can get a copy . . .
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